Your life can be complex or simple. Do a few things well thousands of times, that will get you moving forward in the right direction and living the life you deserve

Frank Anaya

Have you ever wondered where you will end up? The truth is, where you end up is anybody’s guessunless you determine and decide a path you will follow to live and achieve your goals.
We are PeopleWhoGrow, a group of people who decide to develop and grow the skills that matter most to live the life and direction in what matters.
Get yourself out of your place of fear
.The place where you think that you are powerless and unable to take action.

  • Remember you are your #1 advocate and as such you can and have the responsibility to show up.

Learn this truth and your entire energy and power changes.
The moment you give in to feeling fear, worry and anxiety you lose the power over your life. Your power and might is gone. Your world goes towards chaos and is not the same.
The Story of the Man Who Realized this Too Late
I am echoing and rippling waves of potentiality and impact in this moment. And I am all that I need to be at this moment to achieve the goals I’ve set forth and put out to the time. At this time in life, I am the best I can be and this is enough.

I don’t know how, all I know is that it is so now and I am fulfilled

The Framework For a Life of Meaning

I don’t know how I will manifest and bring into my life that which I most desire which is to live with the independence and creativity that creates impacts in the lives of people through the work I create daily, all I know is that it is o and I am fulfilled.
I am a conduit for the greater good in life, for the manifestation and I’ve become aware that the faster and more I create that is of value and worth in the lives of others then the more that good comes back to me.
The way we do so is by becoming precise, skilled and focused on rendering the best we are in that moment. Only then when we understand and see the correlation between what great work and delivery is can we present and give the best output for what is to come.
When I resonate well I feel well. I am well. I am the one that is most powerful and acceptable. It is only then that I can be free.
For those of us out there ( a self-assessed ENFJ) seeing the representation of the image within me is revealing and powerful. I see what my inner thoughts are and their direction and point of accomplishment.
I have 1234, 100s of ideas and thoughts within me, now is the time to complete them and give them the life and structure they deserve.
Here’s my current roadmap and how I plan to create this site of value.
I can ask people who are or have gone to a class like a landmark, insight what took them there.
What was it specifically that was lacking in their lives that push them to move forward??
My Answer: I know I have much value and great ideas and resources I’ve read and seen in my life. I want to express these fully and gain the approval and gratitude of the people who are touched by the work I do. What I’m looking for is the return they get from the advice I give.
As an example: when someone pays me 500 for a class, I want them to feel that was the best 500 they’ve spent. And here’s why:
They feel understood,
I’ve voiced their problem with clarity and precision
The delivery suited their learning style and what they are looking do achieve and because of that, they feel empowered and ready to be the best they are.
I want raving fans, people who are hanging on my every word,
Mostly, however, I’m looking to be the version of me that I am.
As of this moment, realize you can give yourself the approval and direction of who you are.
These phrases of encouragement are meant to enable you, to empower you and to allow you to become your best and most powerful self.

  • I am enough.
  • I am limitless.
  • I am responsible,
  • I am abundant
  • I am confident and self-aware.
  • I am a powerhouse
  • I am an inspiration everywhere I go
  • I am the one
  • I am the one
  • I am the one

Only I can give vision and clarity to the ideas that live within me and as a result of these are my fruits of my labor.
In my vision, I am rewarded for sharing these thoughts and creating a personal impact on the lives of the people I see who are lacking the clarity and direction for what they are doing.
I am the salvation to the lives of so many. And now I am living with focus and one thing in mind so that I can bring the best of the people around me to the greatest or clarity and development.
Just do it. Tell me what to do so I can be found and loved.
Be my best version and achieve the results I need to be the best I am.

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