How much heartache can I help those like me who have hundreds of ideas Untold numbers of books and yet they haven’t taken action. Teachers get into the field because of the noble pursuit of making others better and then Essence lose what the original purpose was when they react instead of taking time to plan and strategically make it happen.

But not sharing to my phone that’s not helping them ideas like and ideas like die with me and these are the ideas that at the end of my life will come to me and say only you could have given us life and yet we must die with you forever…. I’m seeking the person that believes in the girls and motivation of others who truly wants the next step to take place will be at requalified in to improve their life to be their best to achieve the most and to be the light in the candle that makes that change and difference and it only begins when action is made real.

Idea takeaways

  • Start using Google as a way of framing
  • My framework is step by step why what how what approach.
  • My framework is Big Picture Cloud to Ice.
  • Fast implementation.
  • My friend Mark is taking a question asking more questions and conversing based on those questions

Me the paradise just think of the guy who had that and then he made so much based on that.

I am very good at taking a subject and breaking it down and analyzing especially the people component that’s until to make any run breakthrough.

  • Taking information different forms and translating that into actionable useful tidbits that people can benefit from

  • Teaching online, for the course creators for the people with ideas that want others to know
  • How to be engaging how to capture people’s attention from the Get go instead of boring them all the time.
  • How to change your state to go from Dad and roll too excited powerful and engaged
  • How to become clear and teach and different methods like a power of three
    • Rhyming assonance integrating
  • How you can persuade and encourage people to adopt a certain mindset and how did without them even knowing why you speaking directly to the subconscious
  • How to use basic out-of-the-box technology to organize ourselves like one no PowerPoint Microsoft
  • How to build the on digital platform based on your expertise whether you’re a beginner or someone
  • How to manage and control your vote power so you focus on during the one thing that can move you steadily forward and
  • Write a book in a day start the conversation
  • How to never run out of things to say base in
  • How to encourage motivate and Inspire your team of people so there’s like no like and trust you more so than the other.
  • How to create a compelling craft and story of who you are so that you become Unforgettable and remember forever
  • How to take yourself from a state of weakness and powerlessness into confidence and strength
  • How to get into the course creators mindset and start to see that there is Limitless possibilities around you and take action upon these
  • Using the power of 1 2 3 4 5
  • Vicky mental places in Montrose to repeat yourself over and over and over in order to fully achieve and comprehend the awesomeness that life really
  • How do I attract into your life the people who know and can transform Division and life that you have
  • How to get yourself into a prime state of mind you can sell and become like that butter system

What would be my secret sauce in my my way of success?

I am passionate I can turn myself activate myself into the State of Mind where I’m taking your energy and your fuel I’m leading them and feeeding it into me and knowing and I become highly aware of this transaction of energy rather excited and passionate and very focused I unconsciously send out messages that I’m requiring the absence of attention from my audience and I don’t take no for an answer. I become another person I become too strong fuel I am just bouncing back the best experience possible I’m able to create that into one con and I’m aware of thatcise manner and I’m aware of that

I can encourage people to feel a certain way because I’m coming across very strong and pointing it to the point where I drive is intensity that cat hold within myself it has to come out and it does and it is that which is my secret sauce

I take everything I teach everything I know and I tied into a reason I meaning what does it mean mom is looking for an application to something unnecessarily going out and implementing it not quite fully and yet it encourages me ever so strongly to continue.

My secret sauce is that I have extremely high standards that I’d love to look by and I know are possible in Anchorage others to challenge their own thinking Stacy that they can also have that level of possibility. I see the bigger picture and all I do is to get that translated into the reality I see around me.

My secret sauce is that I know how to read personalities. I’m very in tune with how people are feeling and how their receptive to the message that I’m transmitting I can adjust it to their needs and make it come through even stronger. I’ve ever SEPTA People’s.

How Direction

I am validated and fulfilled when I help another individual.

Secrets tank my secrets drink

I have a know more about personalities than 90% of the people in the world. I

‘ve devoted my time and energy into understanding how I take what I want what I need in two goals in two direction and two Clarity and I can bring that out I can definitely explain who’s going to have an easier time doing something versus another based on the empirical learning and what’s more I can take and connect different ideas and most people never will given that I’ve read and seen and heard a lot of different stories and more.

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