Personal Growth

What is the outcome of growth?

Why grow at all? What does a life of growth and progress look like? When is it defined and completed? Have you ever felt there’s more for you to learn, share and grow into? This need to become more and drive towards a vision of the future puts you at odds with the many who

5 Ways to Overcome Entrepreneurial Anxiety

Do you enjoy listening to business podcast, Ted talks or self-development audio books and programs? We do. We love to listening to the inspiration program. Why? I love to listen to these type of programs because they teach me new things. While I listen to these audios I start getting many great ideas. Does that

7 Ted Talks We Love and Draw Inspiration For Blogging

Ted Talks To Helps Spark Our Inspiration  As Bloggers we constantly need inspiration. I know in the past I’ve felt dried up and unable to squeeze out another idea for a post. What helps me? Gaining a New Perspective. The all of sudden, its as if the floodgates of fresh ideas starts to pour out

5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination on Your Blog TO DIE EMPTY

Did that Last part  about ‘DIE  EMPTY’ CATCH YOUR ATTENTION?  I’ll tell you a story. Picture Yourself on your death bed. Standing next to you is the ghost of the ideas, the dreams that came to you.  ​And they stare at you with long ghoulie eyes saying,  WE CAME to YOU!!! And NOW. WE MUUUST DIEEEE WITH YOU.

4 Steps To Reach your Goals by Making a Mental Movie

Its June 22nd 2018! How are you doing in your Goals? Are you closer to your Goals? Do you feel like your making progress? Remember slow progress is better than no progress. This afternoon while drinking my Vanilla iced coffee I was reading an article on how to reach my Goals. I loved how making

Growth is Intentional – We Can’t Do it Alone

Either we’re moving forward or we’re regressing. We require a structured self development plan to get the momentum and return we’re looking for. You see the process of improvement requires effort and happens when we believe it to be so. That’s the change happening at that point in time. To do so we’ve got to

My Personal Heartache of not acting

How much heartache can I help those like me who have hundreds of ideas Untold numbers of books and yet they haven’t taken action. Teachers get into the field because of the noble pursuit of making others better and then Essence lose what the original purpose was when they react instead of taking time to

The One Thing – Identifying the key areas of your life

Your life can be complex or simple. Do a few things well thousands of times, that will get you moving forward in the right direction and living the life you deserve Frank Anaya Have you ever wondered where you will end up? The truth is, where you end up is anybody’s guess… unless you determine

Personal Productivity Tool Kit

Use the best tools for the job you have at hand.