Why grow at all? What does a life of growth and progress look like? When is it defined and completed?

Have you ever felt there’s more for you to learn, share and grow into? This need to become more and drive towards a vision of the future puts you at odds with the many who don’t understand, leaving you perhaps wondering if there’s something wrong haha.

It’s the ability to sift and focus.

Coaches consultants and people who are in the business did making others grow

All of us will relate a small are my main audience

At PeopleWhoGrow this is the exact line of thinking and pursuit we think of.

For me personally this question comes up fully: What constitutes the fullness of expression in who we become?

From the thinking, reading and learning I’ve done there’s a thread in common: Growth

Growth as defined by Merriam Webster:  1 : a stage or condition in increasing, developing, or maturing

Yet even after reading the definition i find it abstract.

Growth as I understand it, is an invisible process of increasing when the right conditions are in place.

The question that guides this thinking , how do we create and express ourselves in a condition where this is the norm, aka the normal?

The Distilliation

To grow get clear. Take the fuzzy thoughts and make the clear, by giving them a voice.

As a lifelong learner, dedicated to the ideas that make the thoughts take form, I realize concepts that aren’t understood show up in my life as vague generalities & expressions.

My work is to define them and give them a context and application by putting in my time and energy, as Intuitively understand to make them so.

Decisions to move into clarity and focus starts within

Even so, there’s a question to move into clarity and focus. We obtain and see in truth and becoming a solution to the questions and desires often expressed.

The ability to get to clarity and answers while taking action makes the difference in moving us to progress.

It’s as if though we’re able to bridge being in discomfort, while also enjoying the progress and stride forward. This combined effort and ability to interact with precision on who we are inside is the see-saw of life.

How to Apply Concepts In Your life

A thought for you to consider: There are different levels of life for an idea. Knowing this, I take what I like(thinking, strategy model) reading and learning.

And make them become and take hold of our more important life patterns.

My job is to get theses ideas in front of people.

I have a set of thoughts and beliefs I find interesting I’d like to share with the world.

And the job is to do so as much as possible to the interested people. What about you ? I’d be curious to see what ideas you’re interested in growing.

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