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The Journey


Hello I’m Frank Anaya. I believe in Living life with Optimism and purpose, backed with systems and strategies that further our mission as human beings. 

We are all unique individuals, with a mission and purpose we’re here to discover and create. I started People Who Grow, because I believe there is nothing more gratifying than being able to express the dreams, and visions we have for our lives using the tools, resources and knowledge we acquire in our ever constant learning. 

I never want to stop growing and progressing forward in life. I am living a life of focus, get organized and unleash their best selves by creating the structure and systems to do so. 

I am a bridge builder here to create the ultimate  resource  where achievers can master the skills to free themselves once and for all,  from meaningless, time consuming work and instead transform their knowledge and inherent ability into results that create purpose and freedom. 

As an avid note taker, high input learner and productivity expert, well over 10,000 hours mark into personal development, growth and education so you don’t have to. 
I’m an international  polyglot Fluent in 5 languages, (Including American Sign language) multicultural, diverse people driven person, driven by heart and the ability to share knowledge for upliftment in others. 
But enough about me, what about yourself? I would love to hear from you
Drop me a note
Reach out to me @peoplewhogrow

Frank Anaya


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