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What Will You Create today?

Welcome! Im Frank Anaya

What does it mean to live a great life? Have you ever felt lost in the pursuit of it? Have you ever lived through moments, where you just can’t grasp how it will all fit together for you?  

I have. And what’s more there’s moments where I’ve felt stuck… but if you’re like me, we don’t accept that reality. We make it different. Now about you 

What will you create today? 

That’s the question I help you answer here at PeopleWhoGrow.

The problem space

The personal & business growth industry promotes the idea that growth is linear, a one and done type of solution. Hasn’t been for me. 

Growth is constant and never ending, and will continue to be so for the rest of our lives. 

Instead of focusing on quick fixes, or temporary solutions what we need more than ever is a map:  our own inner map for life growth.

Volunteer Work in Zimbabwe, Africa

Recovering from Information Addiction

As a recovering information junkie, I read the books, . The exhilaration changed, when I realized I already had the information inside me. My ability towards high input and learning were holding me back. Something had to change – me. 

My life shifted when I changed to being a content creator, instead of a content consumer

The biggest piece of advice I share with you today is Define and Develop a Vision of Where You are Going

Understand this one truth and you are on the way to clarity.  As you actively pursue your next steps, trust your next right actions steps will show up for you. As Lewis Howes states  – discovering your gifts is 1/2 of the battle towards greatness

Focus Your Unique Expertise by learning the skills of marketing, communication and focused organization.

Marketing Mastery

This involves using products that make all the difference. As a thought leader, people need to have aw ay to communicate with you. 

You have to funnel them towards a system that will help them achieve their goals and desires. When your website optimized to the max to be aligned with the work you’re doing will help you tremendously in achieving that objective. Scheduling So you can automate your growth.

Communication Coaching

Having a platform is powerful, and what you say can transform and impact lives of people even more deeply. 

This space and resource is meant to give you the best of my findings on the topic of communication, building relationships and establishing your zone of genius, in the way that works best for your business

Communication is not just speaking, writing. There is an element of designing, and making something enticing. 

Focused Organization

So much has been written on focus, it’s become “overgrown”. Some methods are so complicated, I don’t see how the average person would ever find the time to figure it out much less implement it.

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