Start a Blog: The 5 Steps Towards Launching A blog

Why is Now the Best Time To Start?  Pixabay at Pexels I have pushed blogging and sharing what I know for too long? I’ve been guilty of overthinking, over reading and feeling that there will always be a better time…. my friends, this is an excuse to avoid facing what we can do.  I feel

5 steps to plan your Week

“Yesmywine gives customers a country medal stamp every time customers buy a bottle of wine. Customers who collect 12 medals during the course of a year receive a reward such as freee bottle of wine. To qualify, customers must collect their 12 medals in a specific sequence set out by the store.” Customers have been

Start with Why Simon Sinek

Start with Why Simon Sinek We assume we know why we do what we do… and then things don’t go the way we want them. People who grow Understand their Why. This Talk proved to have a transformative power in our business and how we lived our life. People are attracted to what you believe 

Personal Productivity Tool Kit

Use the best tools for the job you have at hand.