What is the outcome of growth?

Why grow at all? What does a life of growth and progress look like? When is it defined and completed? Have you ever felt there’s more for you to learn, share and grow into? This need to become more and drive towards a vision of the future puts you at odds with the many who

How To Never Run Out of Things to Create

You know the feeling and even dread. Gulp. The blank page syndrome. Empty. Nothing. No matter how hard you’re trying, you’re at a loss for words. And yes, you guessed it, your time to deliver your best, is at the door. But you’re not sure you will give it your all. I know the feeling.

How Do I use the Gallery View In Notion?

Why and when would I want to use a Gallery view? Is there a way to customize the gallery view? Excellent question. Gallery view creates the solution that allows for access to visual information in a different modality and ways of thinking. Sometimes you want to take the same information and add a visual distinction

Personal Productivity Tool Kit

Use the best tools for the job you have at hand.