How Do I use the Gallery View In Notion?

Why and when would I want to use a Gallery view? Is there a way to customize the gallery view? Excellent question. Gallery view creates the solution that allows for access to visual information in a different modality and ways of thinking. Sometimes you want to take the same information and add a visual distinction

The 1% Tiny Step Method That Will Allow You To Achieve Your Goals

There are no big problems – there are just a lot of little problems.    – Henry Ford  WHAT YOU GET FROM THIS POST: A way to rethink the big goals that may be keeping you paralyzed in a state of overwhelm and inaction. Intrigued? Continue Below to Learn More TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF, CLICK

5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Start Growing Your Business Today

One of the main focuses that perhaps you’ve asked yourself is, how can I finally launch and grow my own business? Have you ever been in a position where your family, maybe even your friends and those around you stopped taking you seriously because you talk such a game, meaning you speak so much about

Personal Productivity Tool Kit

Use the best tools for the job you have at hand.