How many times do we wait for permission? Permission for what? To step up, share, and help others.
Connections are nothing really more than the ability to step forward and share the messages bad. Good it’s lousy. Its inside of you.
DO you worry about any of the following ?

  • I don’t have anything good to share
  • I am not good with words, thoughts, whatever
  • I don’t know what to share
  • I don’t think anyone will listen to me.
  • Why would anyone choose to buy or listen to me?

The truth, these are the conversations i used to have in my head all the time. This feeling of constantly wanting or waiting, just waiting. And man, how many years have I wasted just on this thought alone.
Really people waiting, to take action is nothing more than EXCUSES for inaction…
Letting go of all fears is the beginning of changing a life, and most specifically the fear of having something people will want to listen to. 
If not you then who? 
When we put ourselves in situations where we’re saying others are able to do much better at it than we are, we’re copping out and not releasing the light and the energy we have.
Ge the message out of you, live wit the urgency.
YOu hear a problem from one person in your life, solve it for them, cret3e the opportunity to add value, to share from what you know. The more you are able to do this, the more you will see people will respond.
For the past few days, I’ve been sharing and taking initiative in talking with people.
You’d be surprised at how easy it is to DM people, share what you’re doing, and simply build connection and value, because people want to hear, and connect, arena realize they’re not alone
My end goal in life is to live abundantly and beyond any belief. ANd a truth I’ve been slow on the uptake to realize is i do better when i am doing it for people.
For many yeras, i have been working on try8ing to get myself stronger isnide, and i am , of needing ot figure out eveyrthing ahppening in me, and i am making progress… but this is not the time to focus on what I want, and in vinte you to htikn the same, Focus on the things and problems of others. Of the questions, concerns,
Share from teh spac eof hte conversatiosn you like to have.
In my case its about marketing, crafting offers, taking words putting them on a page, and creating an opportunity for a personm to let others know.
BUT the big differentiators at the moment is to add it and do iut with urgency. With as esne of power and passion, because time is slowing and not passing by without someone realizing that power is about doing it know.
THese i’
AN idea, that excites me at the moment is to content repurpose.l
Taking your words, cleaning them up and sharing therm with the people in your life in sluch a way you are the asset, the person who can help in making a difference
SEt a pathway, talk about it and let yourself free and going in the direction you’re after.
In the end, by what you create, and how you add to people’s lives your life will cahnge and irmpveo to its full capacity.l And these friends are the power of living.
SO in short

  1. Make a decision to start where youare.
    1. Be attuned to the people around you, what they’re doing.
  2. Hone in on a Skills you are very ecellent, that is a HIGH income skills – something people will pay for.
    1. In my example its teaching. HEre’s an itneresting, reframe it in away others see it s as valuable, you say teacher peioples ay meh
      1. but you say consultant, its a differetn feal
      2. You say traimner, different reception,
      3. Position th ecraft and the skill in the highest value it can be otbtained
    2. Get specific in the kind of solution you’re provide
      1. You have a skill that can be applied to a group of people, its time to demonstrate the easy way.
        For instance I help pepole in the forms of services.
      2. coaching – overcome your litmitin beliefs
      3. Marketing – get connectd with people if youl’re willing to interact with 15 minutes a day
      4. Remarketing – repruposring, take one peice of article and makei into 50
        1. Pds
        2. Courses
        3. aUdio
        4. VIdeo slides
        5. images,
        6. Package information . Add value to what you’re doing.
    3. Understand others and make them feel important
      1. at the end show you care and make an effort to pulling people forward from the space and stucks they are
      2. For me action taking means starting conversations, and figuring out the opportunities people need most. Then operating from my placce of genius to share these thoughts with them in a way I can create and power

BONUS – get yourself feeling good. The more power, energy and ability to connect you have the more you’ll be able to help others.
There’s this rule of thought that is more true than anything you’ve ever been thinking of,
You can improve your life if you are willing to improve yourself

  • I love this thought, but i’ve always wondered about the specifics, what exactly can id ot to make it happen, to make it so. l
  • That is where this man, me is adding to the contribution.
  • I suggest and am a high recommended or creating content of value, that demyhstifies, simplifies and explains for others to understand, know and trust what you’re saying. Do a lot of this, let your self wikth the completeness of man unabadonadoned in shame and just to get the ideas out and the power of what is.

The sequ3ene i’d been missing up until now, was this drive to share, create and releasel this vendaval ( whirlwind) of ideas, in the tempestuos storm in such a awy they were out, travelling adding value ot hte people’s lives in my life. So they could live wiht power, pufpose, passion and FURY, release the enrgy
Understand your cycles, and con
nedct, engage, summise, and repeat.
Do this over aned over, and you will help. Do more and then grow,
This is how we grow, we become valuable members of society who add more to the world in which they’re in.
So if you’re following my approach, you’re going to end up with a lot of ideas, and thougths, how do you get eyeballs on it? IG, LinkedIn, and more my friends, Platform Stacking, the idea shared so fully by a good friend and teacher/trainer. Shirran Srivatsaa.

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