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The Question Method to Move Ahead and Create Your Course Book, or Any Other Mention of Value

Have you ever considered how questions define what and how we think? Our thoughts are really the responses to the questions we ask and pose ourselves… although we don’t always tell or know they are questions.
The better the questions we ask, the better the responses we can obtain. So… Why does this matter and how can it help you be a better and more creative blogger or content creator?
I’m going to share with you
5 ways You Can Create You First Book/Course/Blog Posts Whatever,  By Asking Questions

  • Decide on a Topic You Want to Focus Your Attention On.
  • Some call this topic a “Niche”/
  • Really its just a solution for a specific problem
  • Find the group of people who are searching
  • Tools to help you
  • Google Keyword Tools
  • Neil Patel Blogger [TK ]
  • Is there a Dummy/Complete Idiot Guide
  • Amazon Research
  • Pinterest
  • Udemy
  • ( most many technical)
  • Count of views
  • Look at headlines they’re using
  • And how they hook you in,
  • Related courses/ classes how many in the series
  • Google Trends
  • Other classes areas.
  • Pricing,
  • What format is being used?
  • Book?
  • Course?
  • Combitaniotn
  • Perception of Value
  • Compile a list of 10 Questions in your subject matter
  • Quora is a great resource to collect?
  • Reddit – searchreddit.
  • Answer these questions – make it a goal of writing a 20-50 word answer

Now answer the question you found in the prior step. The good thing about answering the questions is you know they real. You’re not making this stuff up.

  • Group your questions
  • Be thorough in the response you
  • Add Your Introduction and Conclusion
  • Provide a Next Step
  • Have you csondiered making a brand out of your thought and ideas?
  • What this means?
  • Domain Name
  • You are known as the goto guy in this area
  • Target the beginnier
  • If you’re struggling with this consider yourself 1 year ago, 2 years ago
  • Teach that person, yourself in the pst.
  • What you learned, now know and didn’t know then

Headless approach? I spend 80 years in a cave thinking about something… but didn’t’ get it out. Well, youc an get it out.
What if it feels like im going overboard and explaining too much?
Keep it short.  Treat it like Starting conversation.

  • An analogy: you’re in a coffee shop and you have 20 minutes with a friend to share your topic.
  • What do you share with them?
  • What information do you provide that helps them go from beginning and knowing nothing of your subject to start to understand your topic?
  • What else can you share  and leave them with so they continue on the next step of their learning journey?

Does that make sense?

Consider displaying this as a powerpoint.
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