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Transcript and Written Tutorial

Hey how’s it going my name is Frank and I have founder of people who grow the resource that helps you figure out ways to grow fast, easy and smart way.

Have you ever wanted to build a website but haven’t really been sure of how to decide for theme how to navigate what to choose, and all these other complicated questions, you have to answer.

This tutorial will help you not only answer that. But come out with a great looking website that makes you feel good, look good and relieve you from a lot of the pain and stress associated with this.

So, I value your time let’s get to it. What are we building together, we’re gonna be using one of the most popular themes of all time called Astra, and with it. This is the website, we’re gonna build.

So if you’re a

  • freelancer,
  • if you’re a professional.
  • If you’re somebody who interacts with others and makes money by having a business,
  • a small business,
  • you’re going to have a website that you’ll be proud of.

The one requirement for this tutorial is that you do have WordPress installed, I will not cover how to do that.

But if you do, and you’re ready to go. The next step for you is just understanding how much is awaiting for you the moment you decide to build towards what matters most. You have a website, without having to pay all that expense for a developer or designer, and the satisfaction of knowing that you did it.

So that’s you and this matches you please watch and continue. I’m not holding back and I’m going to deliver every single thing and step from scratch, so you understand the method process and get your result. Let’s go.

Tutorial beginning

Alright, so perhaps you’re starting at this page you’re have logged onto your website you’re presented with a default theme right out of the box, and you’re wondering Frank, what do I do next.

Okay, so let’s explore that and I’m going to show you how fun and easy it is to do this. The first thing is you want to log into your back end, which is go to the front and you type in WP dash admin.

And the moment you do that you’ll notice, get myself out of the way. You have your dashboard.

Now, the theme we’re going to build and work on is a platform called Astra, so I’m gonna go over there to the website faster WP Astra comm if you’re interested in following along, you don’t have to. But the reason why I’m choosing this theme of all, because it’s the most popular of all time.

Now, you can see millions of users, people from Stanford to NASA to others are using it influencers.

Now, the one of the main reasons why you might consider using it and I move myself over is these know jQuery, less than 50 kB and point five seconds, what does that mean to us we don’t know all this tech speak. It means that Google can find you better do have sites that are small, which means they’ll load faster so that when someone comes in wants to do business with you, they’ll get there faster without the frustrating part, and that’s one of the reasons why we create and look at this.

But the reason I am, I’m recommending it is because of this pre built websites. You know what I hear, saving money saving time and having a prebuilt website that you can use, and look good.

So, there’s so many different types of sites. What I’m showing you here are only the free ones. So what I’m clicking on is the filter that shows me the free versions. And just notice all these different varieties available for you. It’s just incredible. I’m choosing one in particular, called accounting for two reasons.

First, it matches that many of you who are professionals and are looking to create something that looks good, but others can benefit from without really having to do a lot of the pre work. If you get what I mean, there’s great spacing, simple, clean action and an already pre built elements that I can use the importance of asking for a quote. And if I click on there the about. There’s one section that sold me on this.

And that’s how there is an already pre built call to action at the bottom. This request a quote part. So like I said it’s just great. In general, so now we’re gonna get into the building aspect of it, and how that works.

Okay, so, jumping over to my dashboard site. I’m going to go under the left side where it says appearance, and click on the themes. The themes I have the default out of the box, 2020 in 2019 2017. What do you want to do is go to your upper left corner where it says Add New.

And there, you’ll see a white rectangular section. You’re gonna go ahead and type in the word Astra. And under Astrium, you see two you don’t want to astral you want Astra, let’s go ahead and install that theme. So we do is we click on the blue button, where it says install pronto.

Voila, you’ve installed Astra, or what to do next is go ahead and activate it, and great. So what we’re going to do is go to our main site, what I do is I click under the upper left section where it says visit site and opened up in a new tab. And there we have it. So this is Astra right out of the box we don’t have any content on our site so there’s nothing we can really do here, but we can see what a sample page looks like and the name of my website.

And we’re good to go. Where are we so you completed step one, step two. Inside of Astra. You’ll notice that there’s an option to customize customize will take you to the default web page where you can go ahead and change some of the other items, but that’s not what we’re looking for.

We’re gonna go under Astra. Go ahead and refresh it, because the page is inactive great Astra options. Here is where a lot of the pre built information comes into play. But we’re gonna keep this simple right now. And what we’re going to do is look at this import our starter template. Did you know Astra offers a free library of starter templates. Ooh. Great. We’re gonna go ahead and click here where it says, install importer plugin and saying activating, we’re gonna give it a minute, the page is reloading.

And then you’re asked what page builder Do you want to build. If you want to go straight out of the box, you can use Gutenberg, but that’s not what we’re gonna be using. I recommend you use Elementor because it’s one of the leading tools when it comes to building and interacting with your website. So we’ll select Elementor. And now, the same templates that we saw before, are presented.

All here. So we’re going to do is we know that the template name is accountant. I’m going to go ahead and type that in. I see that they have a homepage, about services Why choose meme. I’m going to go ahead and import the complete site. So it’s saying Do you want to import the customizer settings that page that I showed you earlier, the widgets, the content and I’m going to say yes.

Now, it’s telling me that it’s going to take a little bit because one needs to install Elementor, and two. Don’t close out of the site. So as you can tell right now it’s a pretty fast install, you’re up and running and ready to go. And now, guess what you’ve built your website. So now my site says, Joyce Roberts.

Everything that we saw in that pre made template is already inside of mine. But what I’m going to do is make some minor changes so that it feels unique to me, you want to see me do that. Remember we installed elements or. I’m gonna go ahead and on top of the page actually say, edit with Elementor and Elementor is a layer tool that enables you to interact with your website. So instead of me, using the out of the box.

provision given by WordPress, I can actually come in here and make my own changes. So I can come in. Click on the sections I want to change, and say Hey Frank Anya, I’m going to say, marketing, and productivity. Pro.

I mean, I want to have her page. So I can easily upload my own file, or image. Or I can actually go here let’s just say man. Let’s see who looks like me. And just for the sake of being funny. We’re gonna install. Okay, we’re gonna install this man. It’s pictures. That kind of looks like me right.

Okay, so first I’m gonna have to insert my media. The bbbb. Let’s try again, man. So one of the things you’ll notice is, whenever you put a website.

You want to have your content ready, because that’s really the, where a lot of the things happens this guy kind of looks like me. I’ll go with him. Let’s see. All right. I see what I’m doing. I have to say Save and insert. There we go. Okay, that looks ish like me right.

But you see, we can do other changes here like if we didn’t want that gap or things like that.

What I do, maybe instead of accounting I might say, marketing, I might say something like, coaching. I might say something like, productivity and consulting, what you get is different sides, maybe I might say like, yeah, this mic over here. So, with Elementor you can actually drag and drop different sections, update, based on what you need. We can create your own sections.

But for the scope of this video I just wanted to show you how fast and easy it is to build a site that’s yours. So once you make changes, go to the bottom, down, left corner where it says update. And bam presto you’ve got your website. So hopefully this helps.

Again, it’s one of many.

I don’t want this to be a really long video I just want you to get in, get out and feel like you have something you can show, and to confirm that. I’m gonna go ahead and copy my website URL link, open up a new incognito window. And inside of that, I’m going to go ahead and paste it.

So you see that we created and changed our information, not fully because there’s some things you still need to work with, but it is a starting point and that’s my goal and objective for you.

Let me know what questions you have, if this is abuse, and we’ll talk soon. Hey how’s it going my name.

If you would like to customize and continue click here to see part II of this series.

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