Ted Talks To Helps Spark Our Inspiration 

As Bloggers we constantly need inspiration. I know in the past I’ve felt dried up and unable to squeeze out another idea for a post.
What helps me? Gaining a New Perspective. The all of sudden, its as if the floodgates of fresh ideas starts to pour out and to our delight, bring joy and value to our readers. 


Below is a curated list of the top Ted Talks We enjoy and listen to frequently as a way to draw inspiration( and get unstuck) .
Growth and creativity are so often related and go to over and over for inspiration. Liked one in particular? Feel free to comment below and share what you think. 

#1. How Great Leaders Inspire Action

With a Simple question question, WHY we are led deep down to the force and power that purpose, aligned with a WHY can lead to greatness.

#2. The El Sistema Music Revolution

What if every man, woman and child could express their creativity fully? This Ted Talk is inspiring in the ideas and way that children have been able to change their lives for the better through music. Enjoy. 

#3. Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

Do you feel like an impostor? What if you had an extra ounce of confidence… would you life be better? Watch and See what Amy, a Professor at Harvard Shares in this beautiful Ted Talk.

#4. Why We Do What We Do

Ever find yourself with the money, friends, connections or whatever to get your online business dream going? What you need is RESOURCEFULNESS. Watch as How Tony Robbins demonstrates the true power of human intention and results. 

#5. Inside the Mind of A Master Procrastinator

Are You A procrastinator? In this funny Ted Talk, Tim Urban made me aware of why I tend to procrastinate, and the feeling that so many of us have, as well as great thoughts to consider to move forward and take action. 

#6. Your Elusive Creative Genius

With a jarring narrative, and beauty that transcends, Elizabeth Gilbert explains the elusive nature of creativity. What do you do when inspiration strikes, what does it really mean to be a Genius? This video may move you and inspire you

#7. How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals

Goals are the way we succeed. That said, we often feel like we’re not moving fast enough or making the progress we’d like. 
 Which talk did you enjoy most? Do you have any suggestions we can add to this list? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think. 

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