Start with Why Simon Sinek We assume we know why we do what we do… and then things don’t go the way we want them.

People who grow Understand their Why. This Talk proved to have a transformative power in our business and how we lived our life. People are attracted to what you believe  How do we explain when other defy the assumptions?? And yet they’re just like everyone else, same consultants, media, why is it that companies like APple have something different? Martin Luther kin,g why him? He wasn’t the greatest orator, Wright brothers had better qualified, and funding and they didn’t achieve manned flight.   There’s something else at paly here.   Simon Sinek made a deiscovery that changed how the world operates… There’s a pattern all the great and inspiring leaders of the world all think and act and communciate the exact same way the complete opposite to everyone else.   The GOLDEN CIRCLE

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Every person on teh planet knows what they do. Some know how ( the usp, properiatyr process) Why – not to maek a profit its always a result. Whats your cause, purpose beliefe?
Why do you exist? The way we think, communicate is from the outside in, its the obvious. But the inspired organizations r3egardless of size think from the inside out…
If Apple were like everyone esle We make great computers, they’re beautifully designed and user friendly, want to buy one??? meh…
Most marketing and sales communicate we say what we do , how were different or beter and expect some kind of ehariov.
Apple Everything we do, believe in thinking diffeerntly status quo, beautifully designed, simply designed, we just happened to make great computers want to buy one? All w**e did was reverse, 
People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. We’re perfectly comfortable buyin a dvr, mp3, dvr There’s nothing that distinguishse they all are equally qualified, their emintnetly qualified, making it for years, no one bought one.
 Dell made quality products nobody bought them, we can’t imagine why would you buy an mp3, they buy why you do it, The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe… None is my opinion.
Tenets of Biology – human brain is broken to 3 components, newest brain, the homo sapien – neo-crotex is the rational and analytical thought.
MIddle – What feeling trsut, limbic system, responsible for all decision making and has not capacity for language, communicate fromt eh outside in, vast amount of features and benefits, when we communicate fromt he inside out we’re talking directly that allows a Gut decision.
Sometimes you give all the facts and figures it just doesnt feel right. The part that controls decision doesn’t connect language. Leading with your heart or soul, its all happening int eh limibic decision and lagnague.
 If you don’t know why you do what you do, how will you ever get people to buy something or be loyal to you and be loyal to what you do. its to beleive people who believe what you believe, not just hire who need a job but believe what you believe. If you hire people because they can do a job hire **for money, vs blood sweat and tears.
** The Wright Brothers
The pursuit was the dotcom of Samuel pierre plang langley. Even know why did your company fail? UIndercaptilizated – 50,000 money was no problem Seat of Harvard, – knew the best minds. Market conditions were fantanstics, everyone rooting for Langley. Bad marketi conditions Orville and wilbur writhg Had no money, paid for their dream proceeds of bycicle, no college education, education NYT follwed gthem nowhere.
THey were driven by a cause and purpose and belieft. They bgeliefed they could change the course of the world. Samuel – rich and famous – results The people who believed in teh Wright brothers, blood sweat and tears, The others for the paycheck.
THey would take 5 sets of part, because they would crash and come back. The wright brotehrs took flightr december 1903 no one noticed. Further proof the day they took flight he quit. That’s an amazing discovery and I will improve, he wasnt first so he quite People buy why you do it. If you talk about what you beleive you will attract them. The Law of diffusion of innnovation. ![Image result for the law of diffusion of innovation wikipedia]

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