“Who Else Wants to create a Note Taking System in Obsidian in just a few minutes, take envied notes and Get back Your Time??”

While your competition is still searching for the perfect way to take notes

From: Frank Anaya
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

After getting your hands on this obsidian course, you’ll be able to take notes effortlessly, and reduce the time it takes for you to think about what to write… 

and instead, quickly take action on your most important projects.

Apply this material as is! This is real-world Obsidian without the fluff and overcomplicated setup.

Automatically know what your workflow is, as it reveals to you in real-time. All you have to do is decide how you will make Obsidian your new secret weapon. 

I’ll give you a working Obsidian system right out of the gate, a solution you can use to edit and bring order to all those ideas floating around your head. 

If you’re the reading type, you can follow step-by-step on the attached guide.

If you’re the watching type, you can view my instructions on how to set up without the details being skipped.

If you have questions you’ll have direct access to all the questions you haven’t been able to find. Your days of being overwhelmed, searching for hours, and making no progress are over. The useless and waste of time searching is gone.


The Problem With Note Taking Today!

Notes are Not Actionable! Action note-taking is what will drive all your newfound productivity. 

As somebody who takes many notes, and reads and takes in many different ideas – I’ve banged my head against the wall trying to get this or that note-taking setup. I’ve taught hundreds of students at the highest levels of productivity and note-taking in the role of a senior Mentor and facilitator. From visual mapping to structuring dense and terse material, I’ve seen it all, and from all that I realize very little is actually needed to do it right.

By having a confident system and approach you to trust and are happy with, your productivity can only skyrocket. It’s not uncommon to do more in one day than you’ve done in months ( and even years) when all the notes align effortlessly. 

I understand if you’ve had a system you’ve tried to set up, and got it started, but could just never get it just right. Maybe you asked on forums, Maybe you paid for help, or maybe you spent days and weeks hunting on the search engines, trying to just find the solution to your problems, only to feel more frustrated and overwhelmed by the options.

Because Obsidian is moving so fast and there are so many new things to see, I understand you want to get the best of it without the stress. You want to see how someone else made their setup work for them, and adapt it to your needs.

The problem is many of the instructional setups and tutorials are not taught with the thought of action in mind. They’re focused on the “correctness” of a system that’s as unique to the person as it is for them.

The thing is you can pay a fee to get and create your setup, but how much and to who?

Once you do have a project you need a more specialized solution adapted and customized to your strengths.

Or maybe you are just a note-taker who wants to make free associations and connections with your way of thinking and system.


No matter what you are you don’t want to overthink the way you have set up in the gruntwork of Obsidian. The one most other people have to go through. This course is about you getting to create and make things faster with your notes, NOT become a full time librarian.

You want to do the work of creating, and making amazing products to share and liberate into the world.

Not only does this course give you the templates and planners for you to discover your method. Even if you haven’t started the starting vault is 80% or more done with 20% of the work, like good old Pareto Said. 

The frustrated Don’t want to spend their time making a note system They want the outcome of the system


As soon as you invest in the Obsidian Advantage Solution you will 

  • Immediately get access to download 10 videos totaling 2 hours of training. 
  • 10 templates you can use for any situation, and modify them to yours. 
  • 3 vaults setups depending on which system will be most right out of the box. 
  • You will get an 82-page instruction booklet( full mostly of pictures ) with full unencrypted source code. 
  • You’ll get a list of my top plugins, and how to select these. 
  • You’ll also get things out of my head and 
  • how I think of Note-taking now
  • Get organized by having all your material and creating the things you need
  • Create your first Note in Obsidian in 30 seconds or less just by entering a few simple words and pressing a button
  • Import 10,100, or even 1000 notes into a vault with one click by applying this software I’m teaching ( as an archive )
  • Schedule and space them out as far into the future as you’d like
  • Modify your sidebar ( with plugins), now you can display information on your Obsidian and drag it around so it goes right where you want it to
  • Make your System as simple or as advanced as you want it to
  • As customizable too, and how to define the line so you don’t spend and waste countless amounts of time without anything to show for it
  • Add your Twitter account information
  • Add your most used links using this helpful shortcut
  • Access your most important notes 
  • Discover how you can save and load any information about what you’re learning into your Obsidian Note system, as simple as dragging a file in just one line of code

Why my Note Taking system gets me more comments, visitors, and sales than yours, and I’ve never had to “think about them”

Set up a secret connection to set up a schedule to automatically import as many files as you want as often or as rarely as you want.

Full articles summarized, processed, and shared to a future you

Keep your blog content updated as fresh and updated without having to do anything in a few minutes.

How to add buttons plugins to respond to short-code so you can add repetitious items onto your improved workflow

Embed top websites, from Youtube, Camtasia, or Youtube as easily as you can copy and paste

Forget about broken images, when you can duplicate

The days of pasting in notes from others that mess up your structure are gone – how to experiment and test with a backup solution

Get your Obsidian to edit anything anywhere, this means you can go back and restore lost information in cases of a messup. Without the usual support

Now your users can install in One click

Ethically swipe better ideas to make sure your content hits Reddit and other research sites. This is what I’ve done to write and think of new ideas. Now I’ve found a way to pull the best content in looking to create content that works

How to get your Obsidian plugins to work with your email, or perform any action the moment you add a tag

Abolish social media sites that suck up time, now you can block and encrypt your password, now you can repost all your blog entries to your social media feeds without having to log in ever again

Save information specific to your Existing note collection which means allowing ideas that don’t serve you to limit their reach, to only affect specific notes they choose, and help you create more

Use the number of notes, word count, amount of videos to impress your clients and customers, and readers, and to read more of what you’re creating and posting on Twitter and

As a heavy note-taker myself these note-taking strategies are very easy to use. In most cases, you answer a few questions and you activate and write the thing as is. As easy as opening ms word, or google docs. Sometimes it’s as easy as tapping the back of your phone. 

If you are technophobic you can simply use Obsidian as a basic notepad solution, without any of the other features, and make more power with your notes.

But if you’re a more advanced note taker but feel newer to Obsidian this is a unique opportunity to build and crank out your own notes with impact and connection. You’re able to take the notes you have and level them up to the spec of the product.

To my knowledge, no one has offered a deal like this… Not just the note templates but the thinking used to make this plugin, videos explaining the templates, and detailed documentation going over every step of the note system with a fine-toothed comb.

Just one of these vaults modules, on their own, could be worth 197 dollars. But because I produce so many ideas and products, I would rather bundle them into one complete package so you can get the Note-taking system or 2 so that you can now along with the note-taking setup you need now. Think of this as your 5 in one deal, depending on the level of experience you have as a note-taker.

If you would rather purchase these small focused courses separately or try to replicate them on your own, be my guest. But we both know your time is much better spent with your friends and family.

So if even if you need to fix your program notes or try to figure it out in the future, no way back to the searching and forum. Instead, I will equip you with the tools for the most commonly asked questions.

It’s much more valuable than a simple dinner for two.

Even if I charged $200 for this solution you still would pay less than 7 per plugin, and that’s not even counting the videos or the payment instructions.

Just in case these note templates don’t work for you, or they just don’t perform as well as you wanted them to, you can always contact me within 30 days for a full, no questions asked 100% money back “Love it or SHOVE it ” guarantee 30 days isn’t enough for you!

Fine let’s make it 60 days, the instant after you click the button below you have a full 2 months, that’s about 8 weeks to get your money back.

If you simply aren’t thrilled with the increase in productivity, calmness, and productivity you can always contact me.


To download and activate your one-time membership to Obsidian Advantage right now, click the purchase order below. You’ll be taken to a page, a very simple and secure page where you can enter your payment details after you do, you’ll be whisked away to this site, where a secret exclusive download area. Where you can download the videos, the plugins, and the ebook all in one convenient file.

Delivery is instant and automatic. So you can order and get access to Obsidian Advantage even if it’s 2 am in the morning.




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If you can’t complete this system within the next 30 days, I demand you fire me from your business and you get your refund.

But I’m confident you’ll stay in, you’ll implement our systems, and you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you’ve accomplished after finding us and taking our training.

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I plan on increasing the price very soon, because of all the work I’ve put into it. The price you see now is an introductory price, especially from a plugin notes system. For that reason, you should get in at this low price now before I increase the price.

Remember Obsidian Advantage comes with 990 days of free upgrades. This means that if I add bonus materials to the package later, and increase the price – you can get the bonuses for free if you were smart enough to buy in early.


When you join PWG right now…



P.S. After signing up, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first of the training videos in the next few minutes.

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