Here’s who I am and what I do…

Hello, my name is Frank and I have founder of People Who Grow calm, the resource that enables stuck. entrepreneurs, creators, creatives, get unblocked grow, and develop the True Potential that’s inside of them.

Have you ever had any of these challenges…

  • You wake up the energy that you once had that excitement, enthusiasm, gone.
  • What used to be an exciting adventure has become boredom,
  • You’re scattered frazzled, you don’t really have a clearance directive, or focus as to what it is that you’re here to do.
  • And what at one point was so easy, effortless, the flow state that everybody talks about, has now become like Sisyphus, pushing a boulder over a mountain that just gets more difficult each passing day.
  • You’re not seeing the output from the energy, the time, the investment that you once put in, and you don’t have the systems, the solution that was once clear in your mind is gone.

It’s a real challenge nowadays, working with information, trying to manage all the different aspects.

In fact, if you’re listening to this message, it’s because deep down inside of you, you know, and you have that feeling that you could be doing a lot more, you’re not.

There’s a guilt.

You think about how you’re spending your time. In fact, you’ve possibly been muting yourself by investing, or not investing really, in yourself, and instead spending your time and your energy into numbing yourself.

Can you relate? Well, that wasn’t me for a long time.

Me too – here’s my story of struggle…

Sharing pulling back the curtains of my life for a little bit.

I’m part of that group, which you might relate to who’s called an information junkie.

For over nine years, I spent so much time consuming, taking in more information, thinking I wasn’t ready enough to start creating to start outputting the ideas that were already inside me.

So what did I do instead?

I spent a lot of time reading, annotating, taking notes, writing beautiful ideas, but not actually producing.

Here’s my story of finding the solution…

So everything changed for me, the moment that I started to investigate in search into the world of productivity. Surely, I couldn’t be the only one that was dealing with information overwhelm. Surely I wasn’t the only one who was procrastinating and avoiding moving forward, right. So what happened and then I bought every single book I could I continue doing more and more and more of that reading. Until eventually, I discovered the solution. Know what it is,

I stopped consuming. And I started to create.

You don’t see this behind me. But I had a one point over 1000 different books in my library collection. To this day, I still have an I have to caution myself and resist the needing to go out and purchasing more information.

Because it’s so easy to with one Amazon click to purchase the next book.

But discovering what my mentor told me and ultimately what created into the solution that I’ll be sharing with you in a bit, I discovered that it wasn’t about more information, but rather, filling from the overflow of what was already inside of me being able to provide a reset a way of hitting that restart button that began with small tiny decisions that over the passing of time could compound into something greater and bigger.

And that’s what I’d like to you

Here’s my and my students results…

to share with you right now. So what

were some of the results? Well, I can share with you how I went from being in bed overwhelmed, dredging and hating my life, to becoming a productive member of different communities that are very big within the niche of productivity. Not only that, but I started to create my products, I started to exercise daily and build a routine and habits that I had never achieved before.

And I started feeling control and happy. I began to sense that my life was in the right direction. The conversations I had with those around me started to improve the feeling that I started have from having a certainty that I could capture any bit of information, organize it and process it in a way that was not only useful, but actually could create meaningful direction and improvement in the goals that matter to me. That was the moment that my life changed. And so I started to share this small concepts and ideas that I thought were obvious started to fascinate.

And not only that, but providing new insights and perspectives to those around me. I was able to do it and let’s go to a larger group. And before you knew it, I started to create and investigate and provide the solutions that I had always had inside of me

So, how did this happen?

Here’s the solution (step-by-step system in a framework)

Here’s the most common mistakes (do’s and don’ts)

Well, my story I mentioned the constant pursuit of knowledge and acquisition of information.

You keep consuming and hope someday you’ll find it.

But the truth is,

I was always caught up with the conversation around tools. What tool is the one tool that could do it all? Try Google. tried one. No, I tried Evernote,

I dropped Evernote because I was too overwhelmed. I came back to

OneNote Asana notion, I tried Word documents, Google documents, spreadsheets, all kinds of spreadsheets, collaborating with more spreadsheets. But in the end of all these tools, I came to the realization that it wasn’t a tool.

But a tool could be useful

if you knew how to wield it correctly.

Here’s what Im selling today

That’s why I’m introducing today to you the notion solution. Now, I’m cautious of providing a one tool solution that does it all. So instead of being like everything else, all these other programs that you see out there

that are trying to get you to understand a tool better, I’m

going to integrate it with a philosophy, a

life framework that enables you to define your vision in such a way that you can actually see it day in and day out. The real transformation starts to happen.

When you focus on the day, you when elements of your day, such as your morning, your afternoon and your evening. And these days start to bridge themselves together to the point where you now have a week, and that we can turn is now a month, which again, starts to build up from where you’re at this overwhelm state into the clarity and focus direction that you’re heading to, and that you’re working towards.

Here’s why it’s great for you

Now, why is this a great solution for you? Well, for one, many mistake a lot of time, you know how much energy it requires end time and investment to watch all the best findings that comes to YouTube and online resources when it comes to this product. You can spend hours and hours because there’s many great resources out there. But why? What I’m committing to creating here and giving you is

This a streamlined solution that’s applicable to where you’re at right now,

How is this Course Different? Aka why should I care?

that’ll get you immediate benefits so that you can move forward and create more.

It’s different in the sense that I’m not going to go too deep into we’re going to start from scratch and we’re going to build what’s coming for you is an ideology and the mindset behind why and how to operate and apply it to your own circumstances.

Here’s What else you Get

Alternately, whether it’s me or anyone else, how I think is very different from my you think what I can do is model and

  • explain with clarity, simplicity, and beautiful design, how I think, and ultimately how you can do the same.
  • So here’s what else you get with that, you’ll get access to me, one on one interaction, we’ll jump on a call, and we’ll
  • You will get a life identify guide and create a roadmap to what you need.
  • You have instructions, there’s also a community of others who are like yourself interested in improving themselves.
  • The real value behind any course whether it’s mine, or anything else, isn’t really the tool itself, even though that’s what we’re paying for. And we want to see the features and the benefits and all that stuff. But it’s about who you become.
  • So I’m very mindful of that notion. And that idea of transforming you and being very absolutely clear about what’s the benefit for you. So we’re gonna definitely delve into that. Additionally, once you have the system, you’ll be able to apply it to your projects at work, for your home life for your social environment, where you have different events that are curtailed around what you’re and what you’re experiencing.
  • But I will show you how to implement this, to start your business to do something similar to what I’m doing, which is

taking an idea and capturing it in the form of video, speeches, copywriting, social media, building a website and a solution that comes as a platform for what you’re trying to do.

does you no good to have all these ideas and to constantly be on the lookout for more and more. If you’re not able to take those ideas and capture them into a setup and a system. That’s for you.

So that’s a bonus, throw it in there, giving you the option to not only move forward, but to reset, strategize and build around that strategy in a way that is useful and implementable to you.

Here’s an owner’s policy. I know that anytime you buy something, there’s always a question of Will this person rip me off? Or will they not? I’ll let you try it for free. You don’t like it? Contact me. We’ll reset it return it.

Here’s Why There’s No Risk

What I want you to do is walk away with a tool and a solution that’s of benefit to you. You cannot by now continue, but how much longer you’re going to let time go on without you actually moving forward towards your goal. Did you know that if you were to spend 1% of your day every single day taking action towards improving your skills, refining that skill set that’s not only beneficial, but indispensable to who and what you are. That moment your life starts to compound and an inverse relationship between effort and results starts to take place. The disproportion of results come to the person that decided to start. continue watching and trying to explore and figuring things out on your own. And not only will that set you behind, but it actually costs you in the long run.

And that’s what I’m here to help you avoid.

An extra bonus to help you overcome this feeling of procrastinating is the power behind Kaizen. So I’m going to throw in an extra bonus module on a training that I performed just around this ideology. Along with the idea and identification of purpose, the Iki guy method, the Blue Zone, and the Japanese methodology of how to take your ideas and actually see them to fruition, applied again, in a tool that you can refer to back day in and day out. Not only that, but I also throw in a bonus of how to organize your day with time blocking

Here’s Why There’s No Risk


And having a specific framework that you can get back, reset and start, regardless of what kind of day you’ve had.

And as the last bonus, I’ll throw in the gratitude progression method.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful methodologies to transform the belief systems, the stories and the

conversations that you have inside of you.

So I’ll throw in

these bonuses in for you. I normally charge $100 for each of these, but I’ll package them into this solution just so that you can have something

that can help you win right now.

My goal is to get you from A to B as fast as possible.

Here’s Why To Buy now

Here’s a CTA and Testimonials

Let’s get there soon. Let’s get there now. So why wait. Now more so than ever is the best time to take action to move forward. Just notice that what some of the students I’ve worked with have said about how I teach and how I explain if possible, I like for you to experience the same thing to move forward to to create and to enable yourself to progress to the next level of your journey.

And to go from that. So once again, thank you very much. I’m honored that you’re even considering this option. Let’s move forward take action and grow to become the truest and potential version of who we are today.

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