Have You ever Found it Difficult to Explain What You do?

Is clarity a concern of yours, and You Aren’t Always Sure How to Define Your Solution?


This Blog Post Will Provide you with a Framework On How to Break Down Your Topic Into Different Steps So You can Communicate and Obtain More Clarity in the Work You Do.

Have you ever found yourself in a spot where you’re a creator, you are aiming to release your ideas, your thoughts, your different, basically messages.?

You find yourself so overwhelmed because you don’t know how to think about your message.

Truth: Your topic overwhelms you. Choosing a clear direction on which to move forward just isn’t happening.

If this is something that you’re experiencing right now. I’ve created this guide to enable you to move forward and to get to that number one key factor that we emphasize a lot when it comes to productivity, which is clarity.

So what you see before you is what I call the Pathway to Clarity Transformation Framework, man, that’s a mouthful.

Specifically though, where it’s relevant to you is in the following:

The moment you’re able to define your topic, as you see right here, and you start to produce more, one of the beliefs that I have is that we leave so much on the table because we’re not producing enough we hold ourselves back, we judge ourselves, we have these limitations.

But if you can get that aside, and you can get into the space where you’re creating and you’re producing, and that’s when clarity of vision begins to jump into the picture.

I’m gonna zoom in a bit, and emphasize the key message of this point. If there’s anything you take away, let it be this:

You can add value to your audience by sharing clarity towards the solution.

If you’re able to break down your topic in 12345 steps or less, you enable your audience specifically people that listen to you, to buy from you that want to do business with you, that are being educated by you, whatever interactionThat is you have with a person in front of you.

You help them go from,

I have no idea where I’m at to I’m very clear, and I know the transformation that will happen.


So what does that look like?

Well, you see before you five different boxes, the idea is that you work your way from left to right.

So that is start where you’re at right now.

Meaning, you might be in the problem state, you might be thinking about obstacles to overcome about how you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, right.

And at the higher levels, whether it’s three, four, or five or even more, try to keep it no more than 6, 12 at the maximum because there’s research that states that any major topic can really be broken down and anywhere between three to 12 different steps.

If you work within this parameter, we’re able to help bring clarity to the message and the solution that you provide which is

For example, I help you go from, let’s say your number one, which is overwhelmed to number five, in control.

An example this is what I have here with productivity.

I help you go from being a procrastinator who is overwhelmed, To an achiever who gets things done.

How do I do it?

  • It’s about time management.
  • I teach you about calendar blocking,
  • I teach you about prioritizing about goal setting about implementing your vision.

You see, here I’ve just listed five different topics that I can clearly start to speak about, to relate to to start to bring value and clarity in terms of going from I have no idea to Okay, I’ve set different anchors in place, which now allow me to know where I’m heading and what I’m doing. Does that make sense? I hope so.

That example to kind of bring this more concrete. Let’s say you’re in the process of building it online business.

So maybe your first step or for that of your customer or client could be,

I have no idea, no clue whatsoever on what a website is and what that means for me. Fair enough. That could be your number one(aka your start).

Now, getting to number five might be something like you’re an expert, you are running a profitable digital business.


When you know your numbers, you know your conversions, you know, exactly where your traffic is coming from, and how you can optimize your website to bring in more results.

See, it’s very different.

It’s one way of thinking about this is what’s that process of going from novice to intermediate to expert. And that’s what these steps that you’re working on will get you there.

So hopefully this enables you to to rethink. In less than five minutes,

I’ve given you a tool that enables you to go from being overwhelmed and not necessarily knowing how to think about your topic is being able to implement steps towards reaching clarity and ultimately getting you to go from idea to done

To go from achieving more with less, and ultimately to go from unsure to certain in making the impact you’re here to create

visit. As always at People Who Grow calm, there’s more resources, more thoughts, more ideas that I’m sharing in these bite sized packages that hopefully enable you to move forward. And as always, reach out, connect with me, let’s interact.

Thank you for your support.

Comment below: what will you do this week to bring about more clarity in your work?

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