These are the 3 Tips You Need to Implement to Speak Confidently on Camera

  1. Decide Your Topic
  2. Provide Actionable How-To Advice
  3. Present Your Listener with a Specific Takeaway

Transcript of the Video:
So how do you speak on camera? That’s the article topic that I’ll be considering today.

And to be honest, this is, I’m relatively new to this, not necessarily to the public speaking space, but in my story I remember at some point maybe looking down on the people who would actually get in front of a camera and share what they were talking about, or simply dismiss it, believing that, you know what, I have better things to do with my time…

But something changed Along the way…, which was simply understanding what I like to talk about, (and I’ve mentioned this before),

That growth necessitates, you actually teaching and sharing that information with a larger and greater amount of people than maybe that what you’re used to…

What I mean by this is you might have read are the books, studied all the courses, met all the people, but in order to grow to take that next level, whether it’s in business, your personal life, or any other facet of your life, you require that ability to be proud, be enthusiastic and share from within.

Do you feel me?

So, when it comes to video and this ability to share information, it always helps if you have some kind of an outline, whether it’s in your head or a physical outline from which you can take maybe two or three points on which you’re following, and in having an outline, you’re able to.

Think about your audience, connect with the audience, and then share valuable insights that they’re going to benefit from.

So again, think about your audience, connect with them and share valuable insights, sparkle in a couple of stories here and there and people are interested and they’re fascinated.

They’re like what they’re hearing.

So, video and the topic that is very important to define. I’ll start with the number one point here because topics allow you to focus on a specific subject.

You can talk about anything under the sun, but unless it’s guided and specific, no one is going to benefit from it.

What I mean by that is we would like to hear people ramble, but if we never get those specific advice pieces and we’re never going to take that next step or understand how we’re being benefited.

Do you want me? So, when it comes to video marketing or a video in particular, get on, create an outline.

That’s the first step. And decide this is the topic that I’ll be talking about in this case I’m talking about video number two, provide advice that’s specific. The more specific, the better.

For an instance, in this case, how to article pieces are great. Why? How to? Because at the end of where we come away with something of a knowledge we feel, we’ve learned, we feel we’ve received them, a measure of training.

And that in turn helps us to further our message and communicate with as many or more people than we thought before.

And the last point, specific takeaway. So, here’s what I’m [inaudible] you to do. And here’s my takeaway.

Now that you’ve heard me kind of talk about video, I want you to pledge your phone similar to what I’ve been doing and record yourself even if you never share this with anybody.

Speak on camera. Okay? Understand that these are some of the obstacles are the Gotchas that I’ve seen a lot of people go through.

And for this reason, they never release any kind of information which is in their head.

They’re constantly berating themselves.

What I mean by that is they’re breaking their thoughts and judging themselves so harshly and so hard that they were unable to release these great ideas because they weren’t good enough.

So, the way you overcome this is by simply in virtue of taking out a camera or getting a friend that’s close to you, to share these thoughts, share these ideas.
And in doing so you’re fulfilling the mission that you have, which is to teach yourself to teach what was given to you.

The idea is the content, that ability to communicate and engage and connect like no others, really, no other person will ever be able to do what you do. And you have it already on.

You know, in fact, so often one of the lacking I would see keys or ingredients that a lot of businesses that I’ve worked with LACC is this inability to believe in themselves. And it goes the same way as people.

Uh, we feel that we’re waiting for that permission or we think, you know what?

So, and so can do it so much better and you know it, it will happen because I share with you, it’ll be the awkwardness thing to see yourself on camera and then listen to it.

It can be like, you know, you think of like scratching nails on the wall. It’ll feel like that.

And at first you might even consider yourself crazy thinking, why am I talking to myself?

Because really that’s what’s happening. But if you can push beyond these obstacles and you will push through these obstacles, if you’re looking to help them anymore, people understand that the rewards will be someone coming away with.

Again, my third point here, these takeaways, and believe me, takeaways won’t happen when you’re out. In fact, they might not even happen when you’re sharing a video or sharing a content piece, but the art of takeaways is the following.

They happen when someone is thinking about your content, thinking about your message later on. And so, to recap by developing a topic, by providing specific how-to advice like I did in this case, inviting you to take out your phone and record share.
And then I’ll talk more about this on a later topic. Repurposes material, take it, push it, share with friends, and then providing a specific takeaway. Like in this instance, my invitation to you is to take the message posted, share with a friend or two or even share it with me. I’d love to see it frank, at people who and within this particular instance, you’ll realize that you’re going to start discovering and growing growth. My friends are the byproduct of what happens when we decide that we’re willing to explore the unexplored. What I mean by that is to continue to push the envelope in ourselves. When you’re facing a camera and you’re left or you have this one instance of sharing and teaching what you know, you have to dig and sometimes you discover things you didn’t even know you knew. Isn’t that exciting? Like to realize that inside of you all day long, you contain these ideas.
[These starts these concepts, these visualizations of what is going to be, but when you have that courage to actually explore and dig deep and share that moment the transformation happens and it’s a transformation. It’s that feeling of, Hey, I’m moving forward. Hey, I’m creating, hey guys, I’m pulling something out there that starts to resonate with people. It makes them feel like you have something worth sharing. And in that moment, you take that step from being perhaps a follower or being that person that’s waiting for permission to enabling and inspiring those around you to do that, to realize that they can teach, they can grow and they can move forward. The Art of teaching, and I emphasize heavily art because it takes a courageous person like yourself if you’re listening to me ramble on and teach about this topic, to fully understand that there’s so many opportunities available because you’re creating them.
And so we move from the space of waiting for others to tell us to being the ones who are leading the charge, so to speak, to creating that bits and piece of content of information to sharing those nuggets, those golden bits. And nuggets that were fascinated by. And in that moment, our lives change. They can’t help or change because you see what’s happening is, we’re sharing, we’re contributing. Whereas stopped being at that point where we were waiting for others and now, we’re the ones who have taken control and psychology. There’s this term, a lot of books have talked about it. It’s called the Loci and that’s a little bit of sign language for you, LLC. I have control. So basically, Loci is from the Latin word, which stands for kind of this place, this location, right? So, the word location actually comes from this.
So, having this sense of self direction, having a sense that I know where I’m headed, I know where I’m going and I know that to get there, it’s up to me. So, there’s this, this phrase that sometimes you hear tossed around that says if it’s to be, it’s up to me. And as a, that’s the mindset you’d like to have. That’s the mindset we want to develop that mindset of if it’s to be, it’s up to me because I get to teach it. I get to impart some of the knowledge that I have, some of these ideas, some of these random links, some of these thoughts, but it’s more by having a framework of sorts. You take these thoughts, these ideas that are highly intangible, right? And because of that, a lot of people feel they can’t connect with and now you’re able to create something that’s more structured and, and that’s one of my favorite topics.
I love talking about it and I’ll definitely be sharing more on that. And if I, if it’s something you’re interested in, please let me know. How do you structure content? Like I said, I’ve talked about frameworks, I’ve talked about how-to’s, but ultimately struck to them around the topic of benefits. So, take an idea, break it down into three to five specific topic points that can benefit people, that can share, they can share with others and they can benefit highly from. And in that moment, you realize that now you’re sharing and you’re taking this inner greatness that we all have these thoughts, these ramblings maybe ideas or semblances of ideas and you creating a process. And at the end of this process, really there’s a transformation and that transformation is going from point a to point B. So, like for example, the transformation that I’m looking to impart and the belief that I’m looking to share with you is that anybody can teach if they’re willing to dig deep into their selves.
They have that expertise. And there’s that advice that once connected with the right audience, with the right people who are listening and meeting to hear from you. There will be massive ripple effects taking place. But it began with the courage to act upon these ideas. A lot of us might be maybe with friends or we’re just kind of walking about and, and we discover an idea, but it dies. And that’s a sad death. There’s a little story that goes about a man who is that his deathbed and he’s lying there about to die and seated next to him standing by the ghosts of the ideas of what could have been. And they look at him with large, angry eyes and they say, we came to you and only you could have given us life of now we must die forever. So, the question is, what ideas, what thoughts we’ll dial for you. Never made that be. And for that instance, make a choice. Make a decision right now to share your thoughts, to share your topics, you read advice, and to give to people that can benefit them. And that my friends are my takeaway to you. If you like this message, please visit. Learn. Let’s connect on people who I’m Frank Anaya take care.

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