You know the feeling and even dread. Gulp.

The blank page syndrome.

Empty. Nothing. No matter how hard you’re trying, you’re at a loss for words.

And yes, you guessed it, your time to deliver your best, is at the door. But you’re not sure you will give it your all.

I know the feeling. You want to write, express yourself and create the best you know at all times, but your systems are broken.

There is so much you can do, where to start is overwhelming.

A couple of guesses here:

  • You want to inspire, to teach and sell your content.
  • To build a career and great lifestyle around your thoughts and ideas
  • You want to spend more time getting the outcomes important to you ….

BUT the thought of what it will take to create and translate your ideas into a medium of your choice, has left you paralyzed.

Today I’m going to share with you one simple technique you can start using right away to create the traction to move forward. If you apply this idea and exercise, not only will you have more ideas than you know what to do, but you will also have A FULL YEAR of content.

Ready to start?

The Tactic: The Never Ending Content Ideas List

Never ending may be pushing it but it gets your attention ;).

Don’t get overwhelmed, get started

– A wise maxim
  1. Select a topic you’re interested in. Need help figuring this out, click here( link coming soon )
    • My example: Productivity
  2. Next, make a list of 52 Ideas related to your main topic
    • On the topic of productivity, Here is a list of ideas I can talk about
    • Click here to see my list of topic ideas.
  3. Teach Your Topic weekly
    1. Not sure what to teach? Click this article on ideas of how to teach
  4. Post Your Lessons Publically
    1. Whether your medium is a blog( like this one), a page, or another thought, know this is the way you create and move forward.
    2. Need help getting your blog set up? I can help you. Here is a list of my most curated resources.

5. Connect and review the lessons learned, and get the lessons out of it?

  • Need help summarizing? Click this article / Resource on this idea.

Concluding thought

If you follow this topic idea to completion, not only will you have many ideas, you will have a FULL YEAR’S worth of content.

Let me know how you like this idea and in what ways you can use this right now.

As always, would love to hear you thoughts and comments 🙂

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