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The Focus Blueprint

A 6 FIGURE Roadmap To An Organized and Successful New YOU IN 5 weeks or less

IF we did everything in our power we would literally astound ourselves - Henry Ford

From the Desk of Frank Anaya

Just imagine what your life could be like without any stress

Picture yourself waking up, sipping the warm and comforting coffee. You look at yourself and see a proud face beaming with a smile from ear to ear at you.

Stress, tension, feeling  dread at having to complete the meaningless waste of time –  all gone, 

The worry from the never ending consuming list of “to-dos” disappeared, 

because you know  exactly what matters most to you 

You know how to instantly create the impact and results for the people you have the privilege to help. 

STRESS! All handled. 

You possess a simple and easy process to know how to turn your time into money, and you’ve got the confidence to focus your energy into results every day you’re alive  for the rest of your life 

Sound too good to be true? 

I understand. There’s  so many things constantly  fighting and demanding your attention. And they’re not always things you can ignore. 

In fact does it ever feel like these emergencies just completely take over your life, even if you don’t want them to? As we become more successful more is expected of us. 

With more demands on our time,  people needing us and projects to complete 

We need a way to focus and organize.

It needs to be simple and easy, and prove its worth in order to create the room for us we so desperately need. 


But where do we even start? 

Google? How to get focused returns back 1,820,000,000 results . Try to read all than in your lifetime 

YOU CAN SPEND A LIFETIME PURSUING what simply won’t cut it. 

My Story of Finding a Solution 

I’m not your average person. I’ve had an obsession with personal growth and becoming my best. 

Now it seemed that better I got, being just didn’t cut it. I had to focus – in order to get the best out myself and others. 

But eventually I came to realize there’s only so many hours in the day. 

As I started to get promotions and more responsibilities my life increased in how complicated it got. 

I was working full time, volunteering full time in the deaf community , taking care of my family, launching my own business, going to toastmasters, Crossfitting, always on the go relentlessly focused on achievement. I was a corporate trainer traveling all across America. I had my hands full

Achievement was the name of the game – and I wanted  it all. But I burned out and hurt my family. I neglected what mattered most. 

I lost my focus and as a result added stress to my life I didn’t have to live – if only I knew what Im about to explain to you in a bit. 

You see the moment my world came crashing down was the moment I forgot to pay my car bill. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the money – In all my travels and moving around, I just was so distracted and un-focused and preoccupied that I put a burden on my family from which I still am paying the cost for. 

The pain and embarrassment and so much heartache. To top it off I was in NY at the time. 

The pit moment 

I remember feeling a bit after lost, and horrified at what I had become. How could I the person who had led others and always been a prime example have fallen so hard? I neglected my environment and paid a heavy price for it. At this time, I spent time crying and feeling alone – but the worst moment for me came when I am waiting at JFK in New York, about to order a slice of pizza, but I couldn’t afford to pay the 3.95. I had selected it and was about to ask if I could have but something just broke inside of me. This was not who I could be. I was better than this. 

How could a lack of focus cost me so dearly? 

Lack of focus in one area hurts you in so many 

What the kicker of all this ? I had lost my balance. I was REACTING instead of Proactively Determining the course of my life. 

There was a major problem – ME. My outer world was in shambles, I had to organize myself. Clearly what i was doing wasn’t working. I was spinning wildly out of control, and it was bad.  

In order to solve my challenges, I took a hard look at what I was doing, and realized I was scattered and disorganized. I had spread myself thin. I didn’t have a system that avoided even the smallest things from falling through the cracks. 

As I saw those small things , mattered much more than I wanted to recognize. 

So i went about building a life focus system that could get me the results that mattered.

 As a straight A student in high school and college , I did what I do best – I soaked and consumed all the books on productivity, focus and achievement .

In fact I went a little overboard, and got the point where I was scheduling every 15 minutes of my day, from morning to sunset. 

In the process I tried every tool imaginable – Evernote, One Note, Asana, Trello, Google Docs and Scrivener, Microsoft, the Adobe Suite, Redmine and so many other tools  Just to figure out how to make sense of it all

Instead I filled my head with knowledge, but took no action. 

 I actually created more stress in my life because 

Stress is the result of where your focus is. 

You don’t need more complicated systems. You need a system that is simple, easy to use and works

The 5 Step method 

1. Avoid the Fear 

2. Delay the Gratification 

3. Understand Your Motivation 

4. Evaluate 

5. Develop a capture System 


So I persevered, continued and even joined a leading expert community of Productivity Enthusiasts where I became a mentor. Out of 20 mentors I was selected in the top 3 for my ability to get results for students. 

I’ve kept my secrets and techniques for a small group of people. My time now is to share it to the world, and at this time I’d like to invite you on ad journey to see what your Life of total focus will mean. 


The Course explanation

Why focus i the solution that you need today 

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