Did that Last part  about ‘DIE  EMPTY’ CATCH YOUR ATTENTION? 
I’ll tell you a story.
Picture Yourself on your death bed. Standing next to you is the ghost of the ideas, the dreams that came to you. 
And they stare at you with long ghoulie eyes saying,


The question is :
What ideas, what dreams, what visions have been given to you to live to your fullest that you have neglected?

Makes You Think? Right? 

The  5 Practical Starting Point 5 Ways To Get Your Ideas Solidified

  2. Select Your Niche & Define Your Categories in Your Niche
  3. Get The Proper Nourishment and Replenishment to Get On Track
  4. Set a Pathway That’s Easy to Tread Upon
  5. Keep The Right Perspective In Place


You may move on and do other things, but commit to delivering and sharing your all everyday every moment.
#Challenge, the life and change you want happens when you decide it’s so.
Really I’m aware that what I want is a resource to help with the overwhelm that chaos that comes from having many ideas and not sure where or how these will result and be fully  executed. I can write, I can Talk, I can go , but the truth is there’s too many darn ways and things puling at me.
I’m taking a new angle. Have you ever wanted to share with as many people the gems, and discoveries you’ve made. This blog is for the people who have and may be ashamed to tell others that they’ve spent too much time in the motivating space. Now it’s time though, and you know you want to DIE EMPTY.
I’m afraid of focusing only one area.
So I’m making an executive Choice.
Top Categories

Way 2 : Select Your Niche and Define Your Categories

What can’t people stop you from yakking away?
Here’s a great guide I have to help you on that direction.
A niche is a specific topic that can help people solve a particular problem. For instance in this blog I seek to inspire and share my learnings and discoveries around personal development, encouragement, motivation to bloggers so they can do more of their great work. I seek to inspire people with a message to develop their platform through content online, so they can help people overcome their obstacles and more.
I notice I can write, talk in video, to one or 1000s of people, it’s really the same thing.

Way 3: Get The Proper Nourishment and Replenishment to Get On Track

There’s an interesting idea. You know there’s so much inside of you and you want to release it and let it go. I know I do. I’m aware that I don’t know how all I know is that is so now and I’m fulfilled.
I’m looking for a way to get to the bottom ,and understand that there’s so much I have to contribute. I am teacher, I love to share ideas, and give these the merit and design they deserve. And up until now, I’ve held back from helping people

Way 4: Set a Pathway That’s Easy to Tread Upon

So in this pathway I begin. Where I am I live and I seek to wake up excited to contribute
I enjoy the structure of having a  business like attitude towards building assets that are mine. That’s What I want to do with this business.
It’s a medium, I’m transferring energy and this is how I do so.
I believe strongly in having a source of nutrition, and then feeding from the overwhelm of what is left behind. Feed yourself first, oxygenate yourself then help others.
Setting Up a Purposeful Direction

  • Pinterest Verified
  • Writing
  • Organizing
  • Motivation/Inspiration
  • Writing about Yourself
  • Monetizing
  • Growth Expansion through Other Avenues


  • Teaching
  • Creativity
  • Planning, Deciding and Starting in a Simple and Easy to Understand Process
  • Building A WordPress Website
  • Designing My Layout
  • Getting Traffic and Eyeballs
  • Pinterest
  • Canva
  • Purpose – Know Yourself and Your Contribution
  • Messaging
  • Feeling Fulfilled
  • Routines – Practices, Content Creation On Defining Value

Personal Development ( so you can vlog, blog, podcast

  • Productivity
  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Goal Setting
  • Fear Overcoming
  • Stress Management
  • Organizing
  • Motivation
  • Self-Coaching

Way 5: Keep The Right Perspective In Place

Understand this is a journey that will not be completed in one day. Although it’s easier to feel impatient and give up because of lack of perceived progress. Understand, every word and thought you create is the result of a seed that you’re planting.
I plant so that my children, and those around me can live a better life. Each post you write is just such a thought.
It’s time to get out of my own way?
Will you Join me?
List The Top Tips You have found that help you do just that.
Thanks for your interest and commitment
-Frank Anaya

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