Do you enjoy listening to business podcast, Ted talks or self-development audio books and programs?
We do. We love to listening to the inspiration program. Why? I love to listen to these type of programs because they teach me new things.
While I listen to these audios I start getting many great ideas.
Does that happen to you? 
You start writing them in a note pad or in any scratch paper that is near you at the moment because you want to capture and do something with the great advice. But then something happens….
You’re  left with a lot of good information but don’t know what to do with it. And whats worse… you begin to feel stress or anxiety.
So Here are 5 ways to overcome Entrepreneurial Anxiety that come from Information Overload
Try them out. We love talking and reverting to the fundamentals.
What if You were able to block out some time after you activities to try these suggestions? You may find, ( as we do) the peace of mind and tranquility we can experience on a daily basis.

5 Daily Practices To Lessen Anxiety

Practice 1 : The Braindump Technique

Braindump: Take 20 minutes and write down anything that comes to mind, your worries, to do list and everyday tasks.

Practice 2 : Meditate

Meditate: When creating space in your brain from everything that it’s been holding onto, give it a short break from all the thinking. Choose a guided meditation– a clear framework for your thoughts can be very helpful while relaxing your mind

Practice 3 : Shift Perspective:

Ask yourself how you will be looking at your life situation a few years from now. Picture the worst thing that can happen and come to terms with it. Then celebrate a strategy on how you would handle that situation.

Practice 4 : Celebrate

Celebrate:Instead of focusing on everything that is going wrong, switch your approach and make a list of all your past and current wins.]

Practice 5 : Shift Perspective:

Simplify and Take Action: Create an action plan for the next 30 days and focus on the process of your strategy on micro level instead of the bigger picture.
Now that you have this tool-set for clearing and resetting, you’ll have a tool-set to make progress in launching your online business the way you know you can. 


Next time  you are feeling that you have a bunch of ideas that you need to do something with, Go through this process and you will make progress. 
What practice do you intend to get started on? Feel Free to share what you liked and what you intend to do. Please we invite you to comment below. 

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