“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” ~Jim Rohn

Have you ever wanted to live a life of meaning, passion and purpose? What does that even mean? What’s required to achieve it?


Not quite what you were expecting right? Or perhaps you think, well thanks captain obvious.

Discipline and interesting not quite two words that go hand in hand.

Discipline has this association with being boring, unappealing and generally unpleasant.

What if Discipline and Interesting where siblings, symbiotic in nature and gasp actually fun…

5 Ideas of how Discipline Bridges Your Life to the Interesting world of Your Dreams, Intuitions and Knowledge

  1. The discipline of connecting to a larger moe open perspective.
  2. Being curious and open to the humility of saying and asking “I don’t know”
  3. Making the decision to become a disciplined intentional life-long learner
  4. The discipline of intuition – revealing what was there. Connecting to the intuition of your dreams
  5. The symbols and patterns that require your bringing them in together

What does it mean to have an interesting life? Isn’t that the pursuit we’re all after?

Insight 1: Smart Perspectives

If you care about having an interesting life, you have to care about winning over other people – so that you can access that information. If you really want to be smart, you’re going to have to tap into people’s perspectives, insights, questions and so on. You can’t learn it all from books and essays – because there’s a lot of “living knowledge” that never makes it into those things.

  • being called smart is a compliment, and what’s more, being interesting however is better interesting
  • no man is an island, we are “smart” when we collaborate

What is the Missing Discipline to Engage in a life that is not only interested but full of knowledge and pgoress/

Insight 2: Curiosity

CURIOSITA – the Romans, Greeks, had a muse , the fire that spark and ember that lies inside us.

We talk a great deal about being curious, not critical. About asking the question until you understand something truly.

About not being afraid to ask the obvious question that everyone else seems to know the answer to. And about the willingness to say three simple words, “I don’t know.”

So in these 3 words, so simple and yet so liberating we find our resolve

I don’t know

Insight 3: The greatest discipline

Lifelong learning is where it’s at. To walk down that path requires a deep-seated humility about a) what’s knowable, and b) what each of us know. We hire for this aggressively. We celebrate this internally. And we’ve been known to punish when we find it woefully lacking.

  • the discipline to happen

Insight 4: The Discipline Of Intuition

Our intuitive mind learns, and responds, even without our conscious awareness.

Insight 5: The Discipline of Symbols and Patterns to Open Your Dreams

The language is called Dream is the personalized myth, myth is the depersonalized dream; both myth and dream are symbolic in the same general way of the dynamics of the psyche.

It’s from this space we will move.

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