“Yesmywine gives customers a country medal stamp every time customers buy a bottle of wine. Customers who collect 12 medals during the course of a year receive a reward such as freee bottle of wine. To qualify, customers must collect their 12 medals in a specific sequence set out by the store.”
Customers have been buying wine because the sequence that the company provides makes it easier for the customer to obtain the wine instead of thinking of all the other options.
When creating your goals.** You want to have a specific sequence **to be able to accomplish your goals. Today we are going to talk 5 steps to plan your week and have a sequence. Instead of getting free wine you will obtain your goal.

  1. Select Montly Goals
    • Write down your biggest goals for the month.
  2. Make a list of task for each goal
    • Create a plan of action for every monthly goal.
  3. Schedule the task
    • Take your list of tasks and separate them into weekly to do list for the month.
  4. Plan your week
    • On Friday or Sunday, complete the weekly list of tasks and plan when you will accomplish every single listed item.
  5. Reschedule
    • If there is anything that you did not have time to finish, add it to your to do list for the following week.

What do You Plan to Start doing? List One Step Below. Thanks 

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