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Ferom the Desk of Professor Frank Anaya 

Here's who I am, and What I do….

My Name is Frank founder of I help people the skills to teach and market online today.  

Have You ever had any of these challenges?

You see and hear all day long of all these people working form home and "making money while they sleep" from all sorts of thigns... 

But for you,it feels like you're spinning your wheels. YOu're simply not getting the traffic and traction you know you're capable of..

  • I have followers, or a lot of ideas and nothing to share
  • I don't know where to start…
  • I want to live the laptop income lifestyle, the freedom and independence but haven’t?
  • I have a job, and know I could be extending my potential ever more, but I’m stuck
  • I have seen other people making a lot of money from their content, but I’m not making anything.

What if you could build extra revenue streams and get people to engage, interact and connect with you through the content you're teaching? 

Teach Your Way to Growth, Money, Customers and Authority.

We all have much to share

Well… When you start sharing from what you’re doing, you be able to do just that

This is a powerful process in sharing, learning and creating… That a lot of us will never take,


  • Yea a lot of it.
  • Not knowing where to start.
  • That can happen.


Me too - here's my story of struggle.

I graduated from college, but didn't have a nidea on how to build a website... let alone a full time income business. I doubted myself. felt like iwasnt capable that eveyrone else but me could do this... 

And the thing is, i kept on consuming more and more information. 

For 7 YEARS, i spent so much money and more infomraiton on just b3eing able to get going.... And to be honest, i probably would have continued doing tha tmore and more .. if i would have let myself. 

So, did I, look at this picture to - the picture and the materials I've gone through in the last few years, has left me with a lot of information to share… So, I started.

I went to courses, bought and listened to every person, method and information,

There's even been some instructional, and transformational trainings, all day intensives I have been a part of in order to fully understand and release…. But you know what…

Nothing changed until I learned how to change. 

I had to first believe in what I taught in order to share it with more people. 

Here's my story of finding the solution

I changed my approach. Intiturively i have always knownw that teaching and sharing is about creating information fo value and worht. Given my upbringing, for me the feeling of taking has never been a prt of it. 

Im teaching and sharing infomratino . I lvoe that a,l dand I decideded, really set in motion a plan for where I could teach all the time and share from my heart, with the power i had. 

SO I  started to TAKE ACTION - i started to IMPLEMENT on my marketing knowledge, skills and abilities to get eyebals, tractison and more. 

The 7 years, i mentioned above actually helped me with acquring a lot foknowledge around the topic of online marketing and buildign websites, so i started to craft these pages, wieth copy and sharing with people who needed what I had to offer. 

Some of the collectiosn of books i read,

These people were living their vlives without ME, they were paying the ifnormatino taht others coulnd't provide. 


I started to create.

I started to post on IG at least 3x/day.

Every person I met, I started to focus on what they needed and brainstorm ideas. I shared with my people what they needed rot me.

Here's my and my students results…

My results. I’ve started to create my information and pc

Here's the old-world vs the new world.


Myths / trends

  • Video 1
  • Using A simple often overlooked tools, e says to use to let your ideas out
  • Canva
  • PowerPoint
  • Google Slides
  • Video 2
  • Structure yourself to share the ideas.
  • What is the problem you can share?
  • Should I strategize? Well not if you don't want to grow.


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